Right to Legislate VAD in the Territories edges closer

The Territory Rights Bill has passed the House of Representatives and will now move to the Senate

The Rights of the Terminally Ill (ROTI) Act 1995 enabled the Northern Territory to provide world-first access to assisted dying.

This Act was rendered null and void a year later when the Euthanasia Laws Act (1997) (the “Andrews Bill”) was passed in Federal Parliament. This law removed the rights of the Territories, under the respective Self-Government acts, to legislate with regards to euthanasia.

The Restoring Territory Rights Bill (2022) is a simple Bill that repeals the Euthanasia Laws Act and will once again allow Territorians to debate the introduction of VAD legislation in their jurisdictions.


If passed, the Northern Territory will not immediately be able to resume assisted dying under the ROTI Act; this Act will remain null and void and they will need to debate, re-legislate, and implement a new process of accessing VAD.